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As a fully qualified driving instructor it gives me the opportunity to take a learner driver on to the motorway for a lesson at my discretion whilst you still have your provisional licence.

We would normally go on the motorway once you are 'test ready'.

We can also incorporate a motorway lesson during the Pass Plus scheme.

(Check out the link below, click the Pass Plus image)

Pass Plus helps you build up the experience more, with the aim to reduce the likelihood of you having an accident.

The types of activity covered include:

- All weather driving

- Motorway driving

- Urban and rural roads

- Night time driving

- How to deal with rush hour traffic

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This is where your adventure begins................

Whatever your reason is for learning to drive, the goal at the end is attainable.

With practice and perseverance when it gets a little too much and frustrating, I will be there to put you at ease and to encourage you.

It will be all good in the end, just remember I have also been in your position and understand how overwhelming it can be.